Due to the growing demand from our customers for external modules, namely for BMW F and G series and for vehicles still under warranty period, we have decided to add such a product to our list.

In collaboration with one of the biggest european supplier of external modules, we are now able to offer you a perfectly matching digital module to fit your car brand, model and engine type and size.

High end multi channel digital module from the latest generation, way above all other products on the market for now. Each module is individually configured and mapped on your car just like we do for a normal chiptuning.

All the parameters are stored Inside the module to ensure the perfect programmation of your car. Configuration and programmation of the module is achieved in our workshop according to your requests.

Constantly reworked and enhanced this digital module stays at the pinnacle of the technology. We participate activelly in the development on very recent cars in collaboration with the digital module supplier to keep the offer as wide as possible also for brand new models.

We deliver you also a by pass plug that allows you to put the car back into his original state in less than five minutes without removing the complete wiring harness.

How does it work ?

The digital module is connected directly to existing sensors like :

  • Manifold absolute pressure sensor.
  • Common rail pressure sensor.
  • Camshaft position sensor.

With those signals, the digital module is able to deliver a smooth and powerfull running of your engine within all security margins. The power and torque gains are quite similar to those achieved by a chiptuning.


  • Allows very nice results even on recent cars still under warranty.
  • Back to stock in less than five minutes.
  • Fully adjustable mapping in our workshop.
  • Very clean and discrete fitting without any alteration of the original wiring harness of your car. No cutting or soldering requested.



  • Less mapping possibilities than with a real chiptuning. Speed limiter is for example not altered.
  • Less efficient on fiscally downtuned cars.