Our performance parts

Intake system

The complete intake system is one of the first things to upgrade if you want to higher the power and the performances of your car, combined to more reliability. From air filter to turbocharger, there are a lot of possibilities.


The chassis is certainly one of the most important part of a vehicle for the look, security and handling in general. You cannot decently use the power of your car without a good chassis set up.


Exhaust system

If your car doesn’t seem loud enough to you it’s possible to modify the exhaust system to produce a more sporty sound. Some consistent power gains can be achieved and on some cars they are prior to unleash the full power of your car.


The intake and exhaust systems are peripherals to your engine. Also the chassis is important. They allow the engine to give the entire power and the necessary handling. If you want to upgrade significantly the power of your engine, some internals may need to be replaced by upgraded ones too.